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 Computer Recycling
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Simplifying IT is proud to announce our recycling program. We are excited to provide opportunities through various Ohio programs for people with disabilities.

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Have old outdated computers? Drop them off and we'll take care of it!

Simplifying IT’s recycling program recycles old computers, phones, flat screen monitors, and printers. This program works in two ways. It provides companies and individuals a safe location to get rid of their old equipment and have their information reliably wiped while also providing jobs for adults with mental or physical disabilities. We work with WCBDD and Ohio Disabilities to provide these adults and young adults with possible future jobs

Wayne DD adults come into our facility several times a week while another program brings adults in for 20 hours to assess them on their ability to perform a variety of functions. These assessments are used for recommendations on probable future jobs.

Our Recyclers do the Following

We completely tear down the computer to the frame and then use our three step process to ensure your data is completely wiped.

We remove the hard drive and disassemble it. After removing the platers we subjecting it to a strong magnet and abrasive rub to wipe out any leftover information. 

Then Completely tear the computer down to the frame by removing the motherboard, power supply, fans, memory, wires, and hard drive.

We haul all the separate pieces (frame, plastics, aluminum, steel, motherboards, hard drive pieces, etc.) to a computer recycling facility in Cleveland, Ohio.

We accept computers and technology of all kinds from flat screen monitors to printers and even old phone systems (please no CRT monitors or TV's).

For any questions about what we accept, please call us at 



For more information on our services amd repair, please fill out our simple email form.